Crypto Millionaire Billionaire

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Crypto Millionaire Billionaire


Affirmations both Audible and InAudible spoken above and below the normal range of hearing. •


Crypto millionaire billionaire •


Earth quantum wave function past present and future •


I choose to become a millionaire billionaire in real time •


Now accessing the quantum secret world •


I am extremely rich and successful •


Healthy wealthy and wise •


Currency millionaire billionaire is me •


I am happy about myself and my future •


I see myself as a crypto currency millionaire billionaire •


It is happening to me right now every day •


I am enjoying this fulfillment realization •


Currency millionaire billionaire lifestyle •


I like the sound of this •


This feels amazingly wonderful •


I invest in crypto currency with confidence and ease •


I am prosperous in every thing i do •


Great wealth is flowing to me now •


Perfect abundance •


I am free to do whatever i wish to do •


I am comfortable in having a lot of money •


Money flows freely and abundantly into my life •


Thank you universe for my great and endless wealth •


I am worthy of massive wealth •


Crypto currency millionaire billionaire is my chosen reality •


I intuitively make smart investment decisions •


I can and will have more than i dream possible •


I deserve the very best •


My natural state of being •


Effortlessly and naturally




Listen 3 times morning noon and night.


Looping safe and effective.

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Crypto Millionaire Billionaire

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